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Ballet Works & Complete List of Works

1910        L'oiseau de feu (The Firebird) for orchestra

1911        Petrushka (Petrouchka) for orchestra

1913        Le sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring) for orchestra

1916        Renard

1918        Histoire du Soldat for chamber group and 3 speakers

1920        Pulcinella for chamber orchestra and soloists

1923        Les Noces for 4 pianos, percussion, choir and soloists

1928        Apollon Musagète for string orchestra

1928        Le baiser de la fée (The Fairy's Kiss) for orchestra

1936        Jeu de cartes for orchestra

1944        Scènes de Ballet for orchestra

1947        Orpheus for chamber orchestra

1957        Agon for chamber orchestra

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Stravinsky Video Links

Earily Stravinsky

Here is a wonderful example of super-early Stravinsky (opus 1…). As you listen (you can even watch the music go by as well here!), try to compare this very early work with the Firebird and Petrouchka, and you will see just how far Stravinsky traveled musically in 3 years (The Symphony in Eb was completed in 1907)


In 1908, Stravinsky composes Fireworks, the piece that brought Stravinsky to the attention of Serge Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes. This work is much more advanced than the Symphony in Eb and points toward the future Stravinsky. Here is an interesting montage of the work being both rehearsed and performed.

“Berceuse and Finale” from The Firebird

I think everyone will enjoy this unforgettable video of Stravinsky himself conducting the Berceuse and Finale from The Firebird, very late in life.


A fine performance of Petrouchka!! Great energy in this performance.

“Russian Dance” from Petrouchka

This performance of the Russian Dance from Petrouchka is one of my favorites. I still remember seeing Simon Rattle conduct in Vienna when I was a student there in 1982 (he was only 27 back then—I was 24….). He is one of the greatest of living conductors.

Petrouchka - piano version

WOW! A one-piano version (by the composer) of Petrouchka. Amazing pianistic feat!

Petrouchka - first tableaux

The first tableaux of Petrouchka is offered here, with a lively Russian production based on the original choreography and scenic design and sets from 1911. Fabulous production!

You can listen to representative works of Stravinsky and his contemporaries to discern the influences these composers had on the young Stravinsky.

Petrouchka (1911)


Igor Stravinsky was born into a musical family: his father was the Principal Bass singer at the Imperial Opera in St. Petersburg and one of the most well known and famous musicians in Russia. Young Stravinsky therefore met and knew many of the most important artists and composers of the time, and developed an early love for music. His father’s wishes for Igor to study law required that Stravinsky attend law school, which Igor dutifully did, but in a 4-year course at the University of St. Petersburg, Stravinsky only attended around 50 class sessions. Stravinsky was prevented from taking his law finals due to the 1905 revolution in Russia, so he received a ½ course diploma.

Igor Stravinsky

(1882 - 1971)

Petrouchka (1947 Revision)


Here’s a look at an annotated score of the 2nd tableaux of Petrouchka. Click on the image.